ACCA examination papers

There are a total of 13 exams that you need to complete in order to become an ACCA qualified accountant. The exams are divided into three stages, namely the Applied Knowledge Exams, the Applied Skills Exams and the Strategic Professional Exams.

  • Applied Knowledge Exams: AB, MA, FA
  • Applied Skills Exams: LW, PM, TX, FR, AA, FM
  • Strategic Professional Exams: SBL, SBR, AFM, APM, ATX and AAA.

The examinations for all ACCA papers are held four times a year, i.e. in March, June, September and December. In the March and September sittings only papers PM, FR, AA, FM, SBL, SBR, AFM, APM, and AAA are available. The Cyprus variant papers for LW, TX and ATX are only available in the June and December sittings.

Papers AB, MA, FA and LW (ENG and GLO variants only) are offered as on-demand Computer Based Exams only (organized by the college).


Fundamental Level

Knowledge module  
Paper Description
AB Accountant in Business
MA Management Accounting
FA Financial Accounting
Skill module  
Paper Description
LW CY Corporate and Business Law
PM Performance Management
TX CY Taxation
FR INT Financial Reporting
AA INT Audit and Assurance
FM Financial Management


Strategic Professional Exams

Paper Description
SBL Strategic Business Leader
SBR INT Strategic Business Reporting
Paper Description (Choose 2 out of 4 papers)
AFM Advanced Financial Management
APM Advanced Performance Management
ATX CY Advanced Taxation
AAA INT Advanced Audit and Assurance