Exam progression rules

Students are allowed to take a maximum of four papers per examination cycle across a maximum of 8 distinct exams over the course of a calendar year.

The exam cycles are:

  • March session: 1 Jan - 31 March
  • June session: 1 April - 30 Jun
  • September session: 1 July - 30 September
  • December session: 1 Oct - 31 December

There is no minimum number of papers you should sit in an examination sitting.

There are some guidelines regarding the ACCA examination progression rules to which you must adhere. For further information and details, please feel free to contact our Administration team.


You have seven years to pass the Strategic Professional exams once you pass your first Strategic Professional exam. If you don’t pass all the Strategic Professional exams and reach affiliate status within seven years, you’ll lose any Strategic Professional level passes achieved after seven years. These will need to be re-taken in order to complete the qualification.

Example Scenario:

If you passed your Advanced Financial Management exam in December 2013 it will be given an ‘expiry date’ of December 2020. If you have not completed all the Strategic Professional exams by December 2020 your Advanced Financial Management exam would expire and need to be re-taken.