Ethics and Professional Skills Module

The Ethics and Professional Skills module is an important part of the ACCA journey.  Professional accountants need to demonstrate that they understand and can apply ethical and professional behaviour in real-world work situations. 

Strategic Professional Exam Success

In an interactive environment, the module supplements your technical knowledge by helping you develop the ethical and professional behaviours you’ll need to successfully complete your Strategic Professional exams.

Therefore to take maximum advantage of the support provided by the module, we recommend you complete it before attempting any of the Strategic Professional exams.

Structure and award on completion

The module is made up of 7 units. At the end of each Unit 1-6, there will be a series of assessments to embed your learning. Unit 7 is a final assessment and you’ll get a dashboard of your performance in that unit and a transcript and certificate on successful completion of the assessment.

Module price and duration

The module is charged at a one-off fee of £60 GBP. It teaches a wide range of professional qualities essential to the work place, including communications, commercial, innovation, analysis and evaluation skills and will take students approximately 20 hours to complete.

This reflects the wide breadth of content, which develops skills that are core to the qualification and the wider profession. 

If you’ve successfully completed the Professional Ethics Module (PEM) under the old syllabus, you don’t need to complete the Ethics and Professional module.  However, you will be able to access it to support your preparations for the Strategic Professional exams.