ACA Important Dates and Fees

ICAEW | Cost of Qualifying

There are fees associated with training to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. These include: tuition fees, exam entry and learning materials. Students who have secured an ACA training agreement are generally supported with these costs by their employer. However, independent students are responsible for paying the fees associated with their studies.

You may find more about cost of  qualifying by clicking here

Professional & Advanced Level exams

Exam Dates and Deadlines


It is students’ responsibility to apply for their exams by the exam closing deadline. Students should have all the key exam dates and deadlines they need during their ACA studies.  Please note that ICAEW does not accept late exam applications or changes to an exam application once the deadlines have passed. No allowance is made for any special circumstances or any error or omission.

You may find ACA Professional and Advanced Level exam dates, results dates and exam booking deadlines by clicking  HERE.

The annual ACA planner which is designed to help you get organised at any time of the year. Use the planner to help keep your ACA training on track – add your study days, revision timetable, exams, six-monthly reviews, and reminders on when you need to update your online training file.


Visit ICAW  qualifications hub for the latest qualifications, exams, and training updates.


ACA Exam Fees

These vary depending on which exam is taken and are payable upon registering for an exam. You may find more at  Exam entry fees for the Certificate, Professional and Advanced Level exams


Apply for Exams

Apply for and book any Professional and Advanced Level exam using ICAEW online booking system.



Credit For Prior Learning / Exemptions:

Where students have previous relevant professional qualifications or experience, they may be eligible to apply for credit for prior learning (CPL), reducing the number of ACA exams the students must pass.

The costs for applying for credit for prior learning, where applicable, can be found here.   

*Credit is not available for Advanced Level exams.


Computer-Based Exams: Guidance and Support

As part of  ACA’s continuous advancements  ICAEW is updating their exam software to improve the student experience and to ensure that the ACA continues to reflect modern accountancy practices. The new exam software features pioneering integrations with data analytics software and a digital bookshelf. The data analytics software will allow you to manipulate and interrogate data, demonstrating your professional skills. The bookshelf will include your digital learning materials, with any notes that you have made, and will be available in any of the open book exams.  

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