FIA important dates and fees


You can register with the ACCA for the FIA at any time of the year. The easiest and quickest way to apply is through the ACCA’s online registration system (available at the ACCA’s website).

If for any reason you cannot apply online, you can still complete the paper Application Form and send it by post to the ACCA.

It is highly recommended that the initial registration takes place a couple of weeks before the early or standard exam entry deadline, to avoid paying higher examination entry fees (see below for deadlines).

All registered students must also pay their annual subscription fee to the ACCA.

The School of Professional Studies of Cyprus College provides assistance to its students with their initial registration and annual subscription payments at no cost. We are just a call away to help you out!

Fees for the year 2015
Initial registration fee £79 to ACCA, plus
Re-registration fee £79 to ACCA in addition to any amount unpaid at the time of registration / removal
Annual subscription fee(due every January) £83 to ACCA



The ACCA’s online exam entry system is the easiest and quickest way to enter for exams. You just need to log in your myACCA account and select the “Enter for Exams” option. Using the online exam system you can:

  • enter for exams all year round for one of the next two exam sessions
  • add exams until the end of the standard entry closing date
  • remove exam entries made until the end of the standard entry closing date
  • amend exam centre, stream or variant without charge until the end of the standard exam entry closing date.

You can register for ANY exam entry period with the online exam entry system.

For paper-based exams, you can only register with the Standard Exam Entry Deadline and Fees. The paper-based exam entry form must reach the ACCA’s exam department in the UK by the specified standard exam entry deadline above. Remember that you need to allow sufficient time for delivery.

The School of Professional Studies’ Administration Team is at your disposal for any help you might need with your exam entry.