CFE Live Online Exam Preparation Course


The School of Professional Studies of Cyprus College has been delivering CFE Exam Preparation courses for the last 5 years with excellent results.


CFE | Certified Fraud Examiner Live Online Exam Preparation Course

There is no better way to ensure content retention and exam-taking confidence than by reinforcing your CFE Program exam preparation with Live-Online weekly classes.  Our 17-weeks series of Live-Online classes led by experienced and highly qualified tutors give you a solid framework to prepare, practice, and perform on the CFE Program exam.  Our tutors cover the syllabus using exam focus material and help candidates to comprehend the difficult parts of the curriculum.  The class will meet once and from time to time twice a week as to help you master the four (4) modules tested at the CFE exam:


  • LAW


Course Commencement: 10th of March, 2021

Course Completion: end of June 2021


Tuition Fee: The €890 course fee comprises of tuition with live online sessions & tutors’ exam focus notes.



1. Employer-supported individual - Partly Subsidized by Human Resources Development Authority

Enterprises participating with their employees and satisfy HRDA’s criteria1 are entitled to subsidy. To use the advantage of your eligibility for subsidies covered by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) you need to complete the respective HRDA application form and submit it back to us dully completed, signed, and stamped at prior seminar’s start date.   


  1. For the official HRDA directive, please visit hereDelegates should meet the participant profile as stated in each training intervention respectively and attend at least 75% of their training’s duration.  If failed to do so, the participant will then be obligated to pay back the HRDA subsidy to the School of Professional Studies.  



2. Self-funded individuals and participants not eligible for the HRDA subsidy - Take advantage of the €130 OFF EARLY BIRD Registration Discount on the standard course fee if you register and pay the down payment before February 12th, 2021. After making the down payment, the School of Professional Studies offers a monthly payment plan to enable delegates to pay tuition   over several months, rather than in one payment.  Contact us at or 22713230 to find more on the monthly payment plan we offer.


CFE Exam Fees & Dates

There are no deadlines for a candidate to register as to be eligible for the CFE exams. You may take the exam any time during the year and can be administered via your own computer.   


Important Fees


General - Associate Membership (auto renew)


CFE Exam Fee ($400 exam fee - a $100 credit) *



CFE Exam Prep Course Material

Course candidates must purchase the CFE Exam Prep Course from ACFE Institute directly. This Exam Prep course reviews important concepts covered in the CFE Exam and contains 1,400 study questions and time practice tests simulating the actual CFE Exam experience.  Furthermore, you will be eligible for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee, provided that certain criteria are met. The ACFE's Money-Back Pass Guarantee assures that any applicant who uses the CFE Exam Prep Course and fails the exam will be offered either free retakes of the exam or a refund of the cost of the CFE Exam Prep Course if you choose not to pursue the CFE credential (specific conditions apply - please refer to the official website of ACFE).



* With the purchase of the CFE Exam Prep course, a $100 credit on the cost of the CFE Exam fee will be applied, reducing the CFE Exam fee from $400 to $300.


The fees above are paid to ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) directly.


Certificate of Attendance | CPD Units

Candidates attending the CFE course will qualify for CPD units. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who attend at least 75% of the professional development training on CFE.  


Take the next step in your CFE journey

Download our Registration Form and email it back to us dully completed, signed and stamped at or by fax at 22660257. If you have questions, please call us at 22713230 as to assist you accordingly.

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