Student Support

  • ACCA initial registration: Our Administration team provides assistance to all new ACCA students with their ACCA and ICPAC initial registrations at no extra cost.
  • Support with ACCA administrative issues: We continuously provide support to our students for any administrative issues they might face with the ACCA throughout their studies and liaise with ACCA when necessary.
  • Guidance and advice on study options: Our ACCA students receive guidance and advice on which ACCA papers to select each semester, thus helping them better plan their ACCA studies.
  • Approved Computer Based Exam (CBE) Centre and ICAEW approved e-assessment centre for all certificate level exams: The SPS is an approved by both ACCA and ICAEW to run both CBEs and e-assessments, thus facilitating its students in passing their exams. 
  • Career Advice: The SPS Administration Team provides career advice and helps students who are seeking employment with the preparation of their CV.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: We are sensitive to our students’ personal problems and when necessary, we provide them with financial aid. We also offer performance scholarships to students achieving high grades in their exams.
  • Marking of test scripts with specific comments delivered timely.
  • Debriefs to tests (for ICAEW students) and mocks (for both ACCA and ICAEW students).
  • One-to-one meetings between the ICAEW lecturers and the students
  • BPP course & revision notes for all ICAEW classes and BPP textbook and revision kit for our ACCA classes (except for the local variant papers).
  • Hosting of ICAEW events so as to keep students updated
  • SPS is an approved e-assessment center for all certificate level exams
  • Induction Presentation to students

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