Classrooms Courses / Timetables

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) of Cyprus College offers classes for the TQUK Level 6 Diploma in Accounting exams in both evening (part-time) and block release (BRCs) modes.

Our part-time (evening) classes usually commence in mid-January (for the June exams) and in mid-July (for the December exams).

Part-time (evening) subjects are usually taught on a weekly basis (1-2 times per week) between 6:15pm and 9:15pm. Occasionally, there might be a Saturday class, and this will be held between 9am and 2pm or between 9am and 3pm (specific details for each subject are provided on the timetable).

As far as our block-release classes are concerned, they usually commence in February (for the June exams) and in August (for the December exams).

These classes are quite intensive, as the syllabus is covered in four to six phases:

  • 3-5 teaching phases (usually a Friday and a Saturday)
  • 1 revision phase (spread over 3 - 4 separate weeks thus allowing students adequate time to revise the material)

The teaching phases are held every three weeks, so the visits at the college are not as often as the ones for the part-time classes. The block release classes require more discipline and a lot of self-study, as a large amount of material is delivered over a short period of time. These classes are ideal for students with heavy workload and / or family obligations. The part-time / evening classes on the other hand, follow a slower pace and the syllabus is delivered in smaller chunks. It requires self-study and hard work as well, but the amount of material you will need to cover in each study session will be less compared with the block release classes.

For our timetables, please select the SPS centre you are interested in and then the type of class you would like to attend.

It is vital to decide in advance how many and which papers you will attempt in each examination sitting. Your plan should be based on the following factors:

  1. Educational background
  2. Professional background / experience
  3. Time you will have available to study

Please contact us to advise you about your study routes.