CFA Important dates and fees

CFA Exam Enrolment Deadlines and fees (Levels I, II, and III)


June 2020 CFA exam                

Program Enrolment                       

Exam Registration                        


by 2 October 2019 $450 $700 $1150
by 12 February 2020 $450 $1000 $1450
by 11 March 2020 $450 $1450 $1900

CFA Level 1 candidates enrolling for the first time must pay both fees; Program enrolment and Exam registration fees.

Retakes and candidates progressing to CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3 only need pay the CFA exam registration fee.

Program Enrolment - This is a one off fee paid to the CFA Institute. Whilst studying in the program no annual membership is paid. Once qualified annual fees are payable to both the CFA Institute and your member society.


Exam Registration - This must be paid for each CFA exam you register and sit for.


The earlier you enrol the lower the fees are. The above fees are paid directly to the CFA institute.

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