Why choose the ACCA qualification

  • Globally recognized qualification: It is relevant wherever you are in the world as it is based on international accounting standards.
  • Local variant papers: ACCA offers local law and tax options, making the ACCA qualification locally relevant too
  • Independently quality checked qualification: the ACCA qualification is benchmarked against global educational levels
  • Well respected: ACCA has been around over 100 years and it has established a reputation for quality and excellence. ACCA works with governments, regulators, professional bodies and employers to develop the global accountancy profession and to act in the public interest. ACCA has 80 global accountancy partnerships, delivering value to accountants and the wider profession around the world.
  • Excellent career prospects: Once qualified, ACCA members can be employed in any role at any industry of any sector of the economy i.e.  government, banking institutions, accounting firms, industry etc.
    • ACCA members become Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Finance Directors, Chief Accountants and hold top positions in the government and banking sector; these positions offer a very generous financial remuneration as well.
  • Support: ACCA has established a global network of more than 100 offices and active centres so as to provide support and services to its members and students.
  • Flexible: Study and work wherever you want your career path to take you, because the ACCA qualification will provide you with skills and knowledge relevant to any career path you choose.
  • Strong focus on ethics: ACCA has a strong focus on ethics, reassuring future employers that its holders are ethical accountants and adhere to high levels of professional ethics