The ACCA qualification

The 3 Es: Exams + Experience + Ethics = ACCA



There are a total of 13 exams that you need to complete in order to become an ACCA qualified accountant. The exams are divided into three stages, namely the Applied Knowledge Exams, the Applied Skills Exams and the Strategic Professional Exams.

  • The Applied Knowledge Exams include the first three papers (AB, MA, FA) which make up an introduction to the world of finance and accounting.
  • The Applied Skills Exams (papers LW, PM, TX, FR, AA, FM) help the students set the foundations and develop a solid understanding and knowledge required to progress to the Strategic Professional Exams.

All of the above papers are available for exemption on the basis of certain academic and professional qualifications.

  • The Strategic Professional Exams include the Essentials (papers SBL and SBR) and the Options (papers AFM, APM, ATX and AAA). The skills acquired from these papers will equip students with a unique toolset of skills which are real-world focused and therefore turn students into forward-thinking professional accountants.
  • To progress between modules and levels, you should adhere to the ACCA examination progression rules.
  • Papers AB, MA, FA and LW (ENG & GLO variants only) are available as on-demand computer-based exams (CBEs) only. Both our Nicosia and Limassol centres are ACCA approved CBE centres, offering these exams.
  • Papers PM, FR, AA and FM are also examined via Computer Based Exams (organized by the ACCA).
  • The Cyprus variants of papers LW and TX are currently available in paper-based format only.
  • Students should adhere to ACCA’s deadlines regarding exams and subscriptions.



In addition to the exams, you should also complete three years’ of relevant work experience. ACCA also requires that you achieve 9 performance objectives which set out a clear guide for the activities you should do and what you should achieve in the workplace. The three years’ (36 months) of relevant work experience can be obtained before during or after you have completed your ACCA studies.



One of the most vital components of the ACCA is ethics. To become an ACCA qualified accountant you must have high values, objectivity and integrity. The ACCA accesses this through the online Ethics and Professional Skills module which has been designed to develop the complete range of skills that employers told the ACCA they need. This module introduces students to the full spectrum of advanced ethical and professional skills and exposes them to realistic business situations, ensuring that they will shine with recruiters and be really credible in the workplace. Students should complete the module ahead of taking the Strategic Professional exams.