The CFAB qualification

ICAEW CFAB is the same syllabus content as the first six modules of the ACA (Business and Finance, Management Information, Accounting, Law, Assurance and Principles of Taxation). You can study ICAEW CFAB as a stand-alone qualification or as a possible stepping stone to the ACA qualification. Once you have passed the six ICAEW CFAB exam modules, you gain a certificate of achievement from ICAEW.

The ICAEW CFAB is suitable for everyone. It teaches essential practical skills and knowledge for today’s competitive business world. Having this knowledge can help you get a job, a promotion or can help open up new career options for you.  

To qualify as a CFAB you don’t need to be in a training agreement, you just have to pass the e-assessment exams of the following six modules:



The School of Professional Studies of Cyprus College can support you in order to study online and/or in class the six modules. 

The School of Professional Studies of Cyprus College offers a course that enables students to complete all their CFAB modules in 4 months’ time if they wish.

When you complete CFAB, you may decide that you want to further develop your career in business, finance or accountancy by moving to the study of the ACA qualification (Professional Level and Advanced Level).