MA1 Management Information

The syllabus introduces candidates to basic costing principles and techniques and the tools with which to use these principles and techniques The syllabus starts by introducing business organisations and the specific role of management accountant within the organisation. The next section deals with cost classification followed by the identification of sources of information and coding, to ensure that cost information is properly classified. The syllabus then introduces basic techniques for recording costs. It finally introduces candidates to spreadsheets as an important tool in supporting cost and management accounting.

Main topic areas

  • Explaining the nature and purpose of cost and management accounting
  • Identifying source documents in a costing systems and correctly code data
  • Classifying costs by nature, behaviour and purpose
  • Recording costs for material, labour and expenses
  • Using spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.


Examination structure

  • The examination comprises of 50 two mark compulsory questions.
  • It is assessed by 2 hour paper based or computer based examination.
  • The pass mark is 50%