MA2 Managing Costs and Finance

The syllabus introduces candidates to costing and financing principles and techniques, and elements of management accounting which are used to make and support decisions. The syllabus starts by introducing candidates to management information clearly distinguishing it from financial accounting information. The next section introduces the basics of recording costs in management accounting. This is followed by coverage of a variety of costing techniques used in business. The next area of the syllabus introduces candidates to the use of management accounting in support of decision making. Finally the syllabus introduces the concept of cash management as an essential element for planning.

Main topic areas

  • Explaining the role of costing within the organisation and how costs are classified
  • Describing and recording costs by classification
  • Explain and apply cost accounting techniques
  • Using management accounting techniques to make and support decision-making
  • Explain principles of cash management.


Examination structure

  • The examination comprises of 50 two mark compulsory questions.
  • It is assessed by 2 hour paper based or computer based examination.
  • The pass mark is 50%