ACCA September 2016 – REVISION

  • 14 July 2016 17:18

September 2016 exams – revision courses at SPS Nicosia and Limassol centres. 


The School of Professional Studies of Cyprus College will be offering revision courses leading to the September 2016 exams for ACCA papers P1, P2, P3 and P7. The courses will be held at the end of August / beginning of September 2016 and have been designed in order to help students who have taken a paper in the past, appropriately prepare to retake it in September 2016.


Students who join the SPS ACCA September 2016 revision courses will receive the tutors’ guidance notes in respect how to get ready for the revision course, plus the revision notes. The textbook and revision kit are NOT included in the course fee, but students wishing to purchase either or both of them can do so at the SPS reception. 


The September 2016 revision courses will be offered at the special rate of 220EUR per paper. Students much register & settle the fees the latest by 8 August 2016.


THE STANDARD EXAM ENTRY DEADLINE FOR THE SEPTEMBER EXAMS CLOSES 01/08/2016. Make sure you register on time through your myACCA account to avoid paying the late exam entry fees. 


Why SPS for your revision classes:

Our long time experience in teaching professional courses, our numerous awards and prizes, our excellent team of tutors, the support and guidance we provide our students with throughout their ACCA studies are some of the primary reasons to select the SPS for your ACCA revision classes. Some other reasons include: 

  • Material SPS students receive: upon registration students receive tutors' guidance notes in respect of how to get ready for the revision course, and revision notes. 
  • Revision Plan: before the commencement of the revision classes, all students receive a detailed revision plan which outlines the details for the classes, including the questions to be attempted in each lecture and material to be covered before joining the classes.
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