CCNA Routing and Switching 3: Scaling Networks Overview

  • 16 August 2018 15:03

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Cisco Networking Academy is an IT skills and career building program for learning institutions and individuals worldwide. Self-paced courses are designed to take at your own pace, at any point in your career journey. More than 7 million people have joined Networking Academy and become a force for change in the global economy since 1997.

Set your sights on a networking career

Large enterprises depend heavily on the smooth operation of their network infrastructure. This is why networking support professionals are becoming more and more vital to every organization. Those who are skilled can not only land a great job, they can set their sights on a rewarding career! So, time to get serious and advance your networking knowledge with the help of Cisco, the pioneer of routing and switching technologies. CISCO CCNA Routing and Switching : Scaling Networks is the third course in a 4-course series designed to prepare you for networking analyst and engineering jobs.  

CISCO CCNA Routing and Switching : Scaling Networks  Overview

The CISCO CCNA Routing and Switching : Scaling Networks is the third course in a 4-course series leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification. This module describes the architecture, components and operations of routers and switches in a larger and  more complex networks. Participants  learn how to configure routers and switches for advanced functionality. By the end of this course, participants will be able to configure and troubleshoot routers and switches and resolve common issues with OSPF, EIGRP, and STP protocols in both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Participants will also develop the knowledge and skills needed to implement DHCP and DNS operations in a network. The real equipment in labs and the CISCO Packet Tracer   are designed to help participants develop  critical thinking and problem solving skills .an understanding of how to configure switching operations while reinforcing the concepts learned in each chapter.


CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum builds the skills you need to get hired and succeed in jobs related to networking computers, devices, and things. Whether you go for that first job or specialize with more study, CCNA is a great foundation. Potential career pathways include: network technician, support engineer, network administrator, network designer and network engineer.


Duration:​         48 hours                                                          

Start date:        03 September 2018                                          

End date:          24 October 2018

Days / Time:    Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00pm- 9:15pm 

Participation Fee:    €650 plus 19% VAT

HRDA SUBSIDY:    €520 for eligible organizations

Net Cost after subsidy:  €130 ( plus VAT on the original cost )

Instructor of the program:Dr. Pericles Cheng-  Experienced Teaching with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.  Strong professional with a Doctor of Information Technology focused in Information Technology from Walden University.   Dr. Cheng is a certified CCAI (CISCO Certified Academy Instructor) for CCNA Exploration and also has certifications for IT Essentials, CCNA Discovery and CCNA Security. CISCO has recognized him as an “Expert Level Instructor.” This prestigious award is only offered to 10 percent of instructors world-wide. Dr. Pericles Cheng is being honored for his dedication and excellent work as demonstrated by his participation in online instructor communities, the number of professional development opportunities completed, his attention to student needs, the performance of his students, and his use of the best resources.

Course Registration 

Please note that to secure a place you need to enroll for the course at least five (5) days prior to the start date.  You may send all corresponding documents (registration form and HRDA documents if your organization is eligible for the HRDA subsidy) at subject line: Registration for  CISCO CCNA Routing and Switching : Scaling Networks. 

For any further information you can contact us at Cyprus College School of Professional Studies:

Mrs. Marlen Kilaniotou Patzinakou or Mrs. Sofia Papatheodoulou  

Phone: 22.713.230,



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