Aptitude Exams of December 2022

  • 17 October 2022 11:53

The SPS of Cyprus College offers evening (part time), block release (BRCs) and revision courses all of which lead to the Aptitude Exams of December 2022.

All our courses follow the hybrid mode of delivery. Hybrid courses allow students to attend a class live online, whilst others are attending physically the lecture in class. However, the situation is constantly re-assessed and in case conditions change, the courses’ delivery mode may be adjusted accordingly.

Our evening / part-time courses are usually taught on a weekly basis (1-2 times per week) between 6:15pm and 9:15pm. Occasionally, there might be a Saturday class, and this will be held between 9am to 2pm or 3pm. The details for each course are provided on the timetable.

Our block-release courses are taught in phases. The teaching phases are held every three – four weeks, so the visits at the college are not as often as the ones for the evening / part-time courses. The Revision phase is spread over separate weeks in an effort to give more time to students to revise the material and better prepare themselves for the real exam.

Our revision course develops students’ exam technique through the solution of specific real past exam questions which adequately cover all of the key topics of the respective syllabi.

You can access our Aptitude Courses’ timetable here